Only 30% of Workforce
is engaged

Most engagement studies are done as dipstick surveys and are lag indicators. However, a lot more needs to be done towards driving organizational HR strategy around Employee Engagement as a lead indicator.


New Age workforce
is Digital Native

Over the last 5 years, traditional engagement models have lost out on relevance owing to the emergence of a new breed of employees – The Gen Ys. Given that they are ‘Digital natives’, it is imperative to take the engagement platform there.


Creating the Sense of Belonging

The maturity lifecycle for an employee moves from an ‘I exist ‘ to an ‘ I belong’ state. Here, initiative outclasses incentive. Employees go beyond their call of duty because they want the organization to succeed and don’t see themselves as different from it

Creating Engagement

Engagement is created through four fundamental activities. Unifi provides a number of gamified ‘services’ under each of these activities. These services can be mixed and matched to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

  • Engagement-starts-with-knowing-your-people

    Engagement starts
    with knowing your

    People are much more than what the HR system tell you. Knowing their skills, interests and aspirations are essential to engage them effectively. Unifi’s unique KMKY (‘Knowing Me Knowing You’) service creates rich profiles through Peer profiling tools.

    Added to this, Unifi’s auto-profiling engine constantly tracks the user activities to validate and update the credibility of the profile information.

    Rich profile is at the core of Unifi which uses it to engage people in a highly effective manner.

  • Engagement-is-Two-way

    Engagement is Two-way.

    How well your people know about the organisation? Are they aligned to the organisation’s vision and goals? Are you able to communicate with them continuously?

    Unifi’s KYO services to ensure that your people are well informed about the organisation at all times.

  • Unleash-the-Knowledge

    Unleash the Knowledge
    that exist in people’s

    Sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing. In a large organisation, it’s very likely that for every problem, someone in the organisation has a solution. Today, that knowledge is hidden and is not accessible.

    Unifi’s ‘Ask & Answer’ service provides a platform for people to ask questions and get answers from the community. People can ‘join in asking’ making the question more importance. Questions are automatically routed to users with expertise in the relevant area. Answering question earns points adding credibility to the user’s profile.

  • Peer-Recognition

    Peer Recognition is significantly
    more valuable than Monetary

    Timely recognition of excellence among employees goes a long way in creating engagement.
    Peers are best positioned to spot excellence. Unifi's Peer Recognition system allows anyone to recognise anyone and bring it to the notice of the whole organisation. People can endorse a recognition adding credibility to it. This coupled with automatic leaderboards which are built based on activity-based credit system ensures that deserving people are always recognised.

Unifi App


Organise Content and
Activities with Channels

  • Channels in Unifi help you target content and activities to a select user group.
  • Channels can also be used to group related services to the target user group.
  • Auto-subscribe users to channel based on their profile parameters.


  • Easily find your colleagues using search.
  • Engage in one-to-one conversation using Chat.
  • Create Groups for group conversations.
  • Share photos and files.
  • Conduct simple Polls in Groups.

Administrative Control

  • Manage users.
  • On deactivation of user account, the user’s app is deactivated instantaneously.
  • Create and manage Channels.
  • Create and manage roles and access rights.
  • Manage User Profiles.

Simple, OTP-based
Registration Process.

  • Whitelist users and send invites.
  • Users can download the app from the respective store and register either with their phone number of email ID.
  • OTP based registration.


  • Mute channels to suppress real time notifications.
  • Control privacy of critical information such as mobile number and email ID.
  • Administrator can control notification settings for select users using the DND flag.


Getting started with Unifi is extremely easy and fast. However, every organisation is unique and needs a systematic approach. Our team will work with you very closely to ensure that Unifi is a success in your organisation.



Understand the organisation's workforce demographics, culture, and specific engagement requirements. Identify immediate objectives and configure the solution.



Identify user champions from the target employee base and run a pilot with them to fine-tune the solution and seed content.



Roll out to the entire target employee base. Continuously monitor and nurture the solution.

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